Summer and Fall Sessions New Players (to APA or to 8 Ball or 9 Ball Format if they already play in other format need 6 matches by end of playoffs, League MAY reduce this requirement by 1 match IF there are less than 13 weeks in the schedule
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 8. Number Of Scores Handicaps Must Be Based On

In order to participate in the World Championships, a player must have

established their handicap prior to the end of the Spring Session leading

into the World Qualifier, in the format in which they are advancing. An

established handicap is one that is based on a minimum of 10 lifetime

match scores. Matches played during regular session play, Playoffs and

Tri-Annuals count toward the minimum requirement. Match scores

obtained through participation in other events, prior to having an

established handicap, do not count towards the minimum requirement.

 (other events = Singles Boards, players need 10 matches played to participate in Singles Boards)